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Oscar de la Renta 1932 2014When one hears the name Oscar de la Renta, it canada goose outlet store conjures up the images of beautiful, feminine, elegant and sophisticated dresses and gowns. de la Renta has been an award winning fashion designer of some of the most gorgeous dresses and gowns in the world and he has dressed canada goose outlet canada some of the most important women along with celebrities and film stars.

Known as the “Sultan of Suave,” de la Renta himself was the epitome of the suave, debonair, elegant gentleman whose charisma engaged some of the exclusive women canada goose uk black friday in the world. He recently has canada goose outlet online passed away canada goose jacket outlet and he has been described as the “last survivor of the generation of bold, all seeing tastemakers.” (NYTimes).

Some fashion designers had bigger businesses than del la Renta, some designers were more original, but none have been as fearless enough to adjust to a cultural shift twice during his fashion years.

When asked “What is Oscar del la Renta?” The answer is “It is a pretty dress.”

What canada goose outlet parka I have always liked and admired about Oscar de la Renta is that he designs dresses official canada goose outlet and gowns canada goose uk outlet that are very wearable. His designs flatter the woman and bring out her best features. He designs ready to wear dresses Canada Goose sale that can be worn right off the runway. He does not design “costumes” as some designers do that overpower the woman and her figure, so that you notice the clothing instead of the woman. His canada canada goose clearance sale goose outlet uk dresses are feminine many times with lots of ruffles and the woman feels beautiful and elegant in his clothing. His designs become one with the Canada Goose Parka woman and emphasizes her beauty and elegance first, his designs second.

In an Oscar de la Renta dress or gown, the woman wears the gown and the gown does not wear the woman. The soft silhouette of his dresses fall down the figure of the woman and become one with her.

Design Awards1967 1968 Coty Award (Oscar award of the fashion world)

1973 inducted into the Coty Hall of Fame; inducted into the American Fashion Critics Hall of Fame; named to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame

1990 CFDA Lifegtime Achievement Award

2000 Council of Fashion Designers Designer of the Year; tied with Proenza Schoule for this same award in 2007.

Two time winner of the American Fashion Critics Award

Gold Medal of Bellas Artes, La Gran Cruz de la Orden del Merito Civil from King Juan Carlos of Spain

Legion d’honneur as a Commander from the French government

Order of Merit Duarte Sanchez and Mella and Order of Christopher Columbus from the Dominican Republic

Ambassador at Large of the Dominican Republic.

The life of Oscar de la RentaOscar Aristides Renta Fiallo became known to the fashion world as Oscar de la Renta. He is remembered as one of the most renowned clothing designers in the world and is known for his elegant and sophisticated designs.

He was born in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, cheap canada goose to a Dominican mother of Spanish descent, and a Puerto Rican father. The Fiallos were part of Dominican society and they are a family of poets, scholars, businessmen, army brass and diplomats.

So, even in his childhood he was recognized as the son of a social family and this made it somewhat canada goose outlet sale easy for him to slide into society as a fashion designer.

At age 19, he left the Dominican Republic and went to Madrid, Spain to study painting at the famed Academy of San Fernando. To earn buy canada goose jacket cheap extra money while in school, he drew clothes for newspapers and fashion houses. Ambassador to Spain saw some of de la Renta’s dress sketches and she commissioned him to design a gown for her daughter which he canada goose outlet store uk did. He achieved a bit of fame when the dress he designed appeared on canada goose coats the cover of Life magazine. His talent for illustrations of clothing opened a new door for him in the fashion world. His study of art and painting walked out the door, and the world of fashion walked in.

After this, he quickly became interested in the world of fashion design and began sketching for leading Spanish fashion houses. This led to an apprenticeship with Spain’s leading couturier, Cristobal Balenciaga. de la Renta always considered Balenciaga his mentor and where he learned the beginnings of fashion design.

In 1961, he left Spain to canada goose outlet toronto factory join Antonio del Castillo as an couture assistant at Lanvin in Paris, France. This was his first real fashion job. Working here, he gained more needed experience in the fashion world. He became the first Dominican to design for a French couture house.

During his time in Paris he turned to Diana Vreeland, the editor in chief of Vogue magazine, for advice. He wanted to get into ready to wear designs of clothing because that was were the money was.

Vreeland and de la Renta became best of friends and she his greatest champion, and she advised him to go to Elizabeth Arden. She felt sure that Arden would promote him. She also told him if he remained in Paris, he would always be eclipsed by the fashion house, Christian Dior.

de la Renta took her advice and went to Elizabeth Arden in NYC and worked for her for two years. He then moved on to work for Jane Derby, an buy canada goose jacket American fashion house. When Derby died in August 1965, de la Renta took over the label. It was at this time that he began his own signature ready to wear label.

His line of ready to wear clothing is of delicate silk prints, use of ruffles, soft silhouettes and vibrant colors. His fashions are styled for casual luxury as well as evening luxury. He designed modern but romantic looks. During his time in Spain, de la Renta studied the fashion of bullfighting matadors and flamenco dancers. This is from where his creation of soft ruffles cascading down his dresses and gowns comes. His flattering and feminine pieces have inspired women all around the world.

During his canada goose outlet online uk time in New York he also became internationally known and became one of the couturiers who designed for and dressed Jacqueline Kennedy. This catapulted him and his line of dresses cheap canada goose to national and international fame. He quickly became an award winning designer and today his fashion house dresses leading figures, film stars and royalty. He quickly became an American fashion designer and powerhouse.

During the 1980s, de la Renta began his next phase of his career by becoming the designer to first ladies beginning with Nancy Reagan and following up with Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama. All wore his fashions and Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush as first ladies wore his gowns to the Presidential inauguration balls.

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